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Version 1.0

Your Gateway
to decentralised


Trade across multiple

The Genie Token

GENIE is Genieswap’s deflationary token.

A portion of the fees generated by the Genieswap platform will be used to buy back and burn GENIE, taking it off the market permanently.


Trade your cryptocurrency for
EUR and swap on multiple chains

Your keys, your coins

Always keep custody
of your coins!

Trustless & anonymous.

Connect your wallet and
swap anonymously.

The GENIE token

Hold and stake GENIE and
receive rewards!

Multi Chain

Swap your tokens on
multiple chains!

Launchpad Coming in 2023

Bring distribution to new token projects.

Get in on the action with new projects or earn rewards by staking your GENIE tokens!

Frequently Answered Questions

What is Genieswap?

Genieswap is a multichain DEX, enabling you to trade tokens on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Tron and other chains. Genieswap also provides a convenient way to on/off ramp FIAT. In the near future, more blockchains will be added - goal is to provide a variety of different chains and expand to cross chain, bringing every major exchange feature to the platform.

How Does Genieswap Work?

Genieswap utilizes preexisting DEXs and their liquidity pools. This gives users access to instant liquidity for thousands of tokens from day 1. Genieswap only connects to trusted sources and aims to offer an array of features which guarantees the user a smooth and safe experience. For a more in-depth description, read our whitepaper. See our Youtube channel here for more information.

What Is The Purpose of GENIE Token?

The Genie token GENIE was created as a utility token. GENIE allows holders to participate in features like the launchpad and other future features. By using Genieswap, part of the generated fees will be used to buy & burn the GENIE token. The minting phase only lasts for 365 days, after that the GENIE token will be deflationary. Check out our minting page

How Do I Mint?

Go to our minting app , connect you web3 wallet, choose how much GENIE you want to mint. Approve the crypto of your choice (USDT,USDC,ETH,WBTC,DAI), then MINT your GENIE token. For further instructions check out our tutorials here.

Why Create Referral Link?

You can create your own referral link, it allows you to gain instant rewards in the form of GENIE and the tokens used to mint (ETH,USDC,USDT, WBTC, DAI). Every link has the possibility of reaching higher brackets to earn a higher percentage of the rewards. The more your personal link generates, the more rewards you earn. Everytime GENIE token will be minted through your link, the rewards will be instantly transferred to the corresponding wallet, all on-chain. Check out the brackets on our minting app The increased rewards are NOT for the GENIE token, which keeps the GENIE token supply from hyperinflating in launch phase and makes it much more scarce combined with a constant buy & burn mechanism. Instead of spending a big part of the treasury on marketing and promoting, Genieswap wants to reward the early users with a great way of sharing and referring to friends, the more you generate, the higher the reward.

What Is The Token Supply Of GENIE Token?

From the start of the launch phase, there will be 0 existing tokens. The entire supply that can exist has to be created through the GENIE minting app . After 365 Days there will be a final mint for the team and the treasury, after that the token will forever be deflationary through its buy and burn feature.

What Are The Treasury Funds Used For?

Funds are used to further develop the platform and the sourcing of different blockchains and DEXs, creating new features and utilities for users. Also, a part of the generated funds will be used to further promote and market Genieswap, growing the platform. Buy&Burn will also be executed regularly, giving stability to our project and holders.

Why Is There A Special Mountain Wolf Promotion?

The main goal of Genieswap is to give users access to Web3 in the most convenient way, combining the DeFi world with multi chain and a way of exchanging their FIAT for crypto. Mountain Wolf has agreed to be the payment provider with a very unique solution, giving the users of Genieswap a great and safe way of getting in and out of the crypto market through a fiat onramp. This unique combination creates a hybrid that allows you to exchange crypto and FIAT, with complete self-custody of your funds. To participate in this special promotion a Mountain Wolf Account is needed.

I Have Found A Bug. How Can I Report It

If you have problems with our application, found a bug or have anything to report that needs change, please reach out to [email protected]

Why Can I Only On/Off Ramp EUR Right Now?

Our payment provider only operates his exchange service with EUR transactions right now, this might change and other currencies will be available in the future.

Are There Any Prohibited Countries From Using The FIAT Service?

Yes, you can find a list of prohibited countries here.

Does Genieswap Directly Provide Any FIAT Transactions?

No, Genieswap is a completely decentralized web3 platform, all FIAT services that are added are through partners, Genieswap does not operate in the FIAT world, only providing an efficient gateway.

Do I Have To Create An Account And Do KYC?

Only if you choose to use the FIAT on/off ramp service, you will be redirected to our payment provider and create an account and do KYC, enabling you to seamlessly on/off ramp your EUR/crypto. Genieswap solely operates in web3, no KYC or similar is required to use the platform and its features.